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Her name was Ally, its been annoying me all day, every time someone shouted Ally, not knowing who they were trying to talk to. I have never seen anyone like her before, she is about my height, likes all the same stuff as me…and has a vampire obsession. As she walked through the door this morning, the fan blowing her dyed pink and purple, straightened hair so it spread out around her face, flowing down her back hiding whatever detail was on the rear of her black tank top and stopping at the waist of her tiny black red mini skirt, her eyes dark with what I suspect was lack of sleep and a sheer look of nervousness all over her face, I couldnt look away from her. I felt something I have never felt with a woman before, last time I had this feeling it was a guy, and the fact that I accidently killed him because I was craving his blood…yeah we wont go there. Ive had crushes on women before, but never as bad as this one, the scent of her blood was driving me crazy, the blood of people I. Jenny slipped her shirt off and tossed it on the couch, then undid the catch on her bra and stood with her breasts freed, displayed to her friend. “And, I still love you, Celeste. I do need a shower. Scrub my back?”They showered, washing each other’s hair and bodies, indulging in kisses and caresses the whole time, scrubbing dried cum off Jenny, with Celeste singing, “Gonna wash that cum right out of my twat!” After, smelling of the lavender soap, they cuddled naked in bed and compared notes about Dan and lesser men. Celeste said that if he was that good eating pussy, it might be worth inviting him to bed with them both. Jenny demurred, not sure whether Dan would be satisfied with her if he ever sank his hard-on inside Celeste. God knew she was fully satisfied with both of them.Celeste heard the phone, and forgot for the moment that she had the apartment to herself the past six weeks. She grabbed her cell and thumbed it to life. “Hello?”“Can I come over?” Jenny didn’t sound upset, but.
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