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Since this is the beginning of the first 'round', or as I'd like to call it, the Deflowering, I will spin it first, and when the wheel stops, and the arrow stops at a particular district, the two tributes of the said district will be forced to do unspeakable sexual acts. If they can complete the challenge, they are offered to have sex, but it will be shown to the public."Snow's voice returned this time, but not before letting out a small laugh:"I hope you all are virgins...because I'm expecting to you to be no longer virgins once you all die...except one. With that said, let the Sexual Hunger Games begin!"Tributes Remaining: 24Name of District: Male tribute's name & Female tribute's nameDistrict 1: Marvel & GlimmerDistrict 2: Cato & CloveDistrict 3: Tobee & HedgeDistrict 4: Marcoh & ThornDistrict 5: Fenugreek & FoxfaceDistrict 6: Nibble & AniseDistrict 7: Chaff & ToodlesDistrict 8: Munsteed & GlossDistrict 9: Thicket & MossDistrict 10: Tug & ValerianDistrict 11: Thresh & RueDistrict. “What ... what ... what are you doing here?” Jennifer’s gaze shifted from Sophie then to Adam then back to Sophie. Adam looked at Sophie then Jennifer then Sophie again. Everyone was starting to feel very, very awkward indeed!Sophie could feel the tension building in the air and knew she needed to do something to save the situation. After about a minute’s silence from all parties she spoke.“Hello, Jennifer. Yes, it is me. And I am so, so, so sorry. I should have called you to let you know our travel plans had changed. But I didn’t think it would really matter and I didn’t think for one minute that I was going to find a naked man in my bed when I got home ... and ... and ... and ... and ... yes I asked him to fuck me and yes ... yes ... yes he did fuck me ... and I am so sorry. It is all my fault. Please don’t blame Adam here. He wanted to go home but I wouldn’t let him. I will understand if you are angry and can’t forgive me but ... well ... well ... I just don’t know what to do now.
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