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Yet, despite all, even she couldn't stop a major crisis from engulfing her country. Five months after Dean was sworn into office, a major domestic terrorist group known as MASK sent troops from all over the world to the US. Dean mobilized the military and declared war on the organization, the first war fought on American soil. Unfortunately, MASK possessed advanced technology, and their enigmatic leader, Warmaster, was a tactical genius who was seemingly uncapturable. Almost every battle ended in a loss and Dean was forced to surrender on their terms a year later.By the time she ended the war, it was too late, the US was in more shambles than her approval rating. The population was decimated and the terms of surrender Warmaster demanded only made things worse. Although MASK agreed to leave the US for good, in return, the US needed to demilitarize and give them all their weapons. In an attempt to rebuild her country, Dean signed Executive Order 31928. In addition to providing. People say they have seen her walking with a basket of grass, or gathering water into a flask by the stream. None have stayed longer than a few seconds, fearful of what may happen to them. Children dare each other to stand on the edge of the boundary and call out to her, they make it to the boundary, but none have ever called out. Offerings are given to shrines the village elders made in the woods, food, clothes and handmade gifts are left at the base of stacked stones. The elders told us that this will appease her and keep her from coming into the village to take us away, she will bless our crops and stop the famine.I look at my husband Callum, then to our child resting asleep on his chest, he tries to wave at me but daren’t wake him. We are thankful to have met the woman in the woods.I met him at a village festival, we were celebrating the New Year. A year later and we were wed. For many months we tired for children, we took the advice of the village shamans and elders, tried.


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