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? Sulex smiled, as he took a small leather lash from his satchel. He first slowly dragged the leather strips over her body, moving behind her. He smiled and bought the whip down on her firm round ass. ?AUCH! AUCH!? The bound captive squealed as the leather kept coming down on her soft flesh. She pulled and twisted but there was no escaping the lash. Sulex whipped her ass for a while and then moved to her tits. He lashed her tits until huge tears were streaming down his slaves face. He slowly walked around her, gently lashing her body more to annoy than hurt. ?AUGHHHHH!? B’Elanna sobbed as the leather tormented her body. She couldn’t believe the lash was making her hornier. The fire between her legs was unlike anything she could have imagined. Her mother had told her Klingon sex was anything but gentle. The bound beauty wondered how rough it got. When the lashing stopped she was almost sorry. Sulex went to his case, took out a silver chain with clips and a. The walk from the car-park was along walkways between the two groups of rock outcrops, all with interpretive signage, which was both interesting and educational.Dave spent some time studying and photographing them, then Jill, seeing that there was no one else around, whipped off her T-shirt so that she could pose topless for him against the majestic rocks."Give her a cuddle, Peter, while I take some more shots" Dave asked him.Peter not only put his arm around Jill, but cupped a breast with that hand."That's good, give us another pose would you please" Dave requested, so Peter stood behind her with a hand on each breast and then after Dave had photographed that pose, he slid one hand down the front of her panties."Take them off" Dave commanded, getting excited from the photographs he was taking.Jill looked back down the road and could see nothing coming, so happily removed her panties and stood with her legs apart as Peter slid his hand back and let a couple of fingers enter her. Jill.


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