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According to my statistical analysis, the number of Mages going Rogue increases with periods of political turmoil in the Guild. Thus if the reason for many going Rogue is political in nature, they may be enticed into rejoining the Guild." That is a long shot if I ever heard one," said Q'kollan gravely."Yes, I know. But at this point, we need to take whatever advantage we can get. I am willing to take the risk." The rest of the Guild may differ." Then they will differ with me, and they are free to debate the issue, and I will take their opinions into account. But they must back up their arguments with clear logic. I will not accept objections based purely on emotion or the 'this is the way it was always done' mentality."Q'kollan sighed and leaned back in his seat. He finally nodded once. "As always, you have my complete support, Guildmaster, even if I think it will be like trying to push a boulder up a mountain." Thank you. Katla, I need you to find out who we might contact outside. .. and the place to start is sucking my cock." Milt reached down and caught his niece's hair, jerking her head erect, her green eyes popping open widely in surprise. "Come on, let's show everybody how you love to suck your uncle's cock!"Toni heard the wave of sudden licentious laughter around her as she stared at the heavy, now familiar penis thrust forward at her face and only inches from her saliva moistened lips. Oddly enough, it didn't frighten her as it might have once, nor did the meaning of his words and what he expected her to do; the unbelievable erotic sensations that the charging cock sent through her now hotly accepting back passage was bringing her, had all but destroyed any measure of moral decency she had ever known, and a new maddening excitement and desire abruptly sprang to life inside her!Slowly, her eyes glazed over smokily and her small hand moved forward to encircle the husky, spearing rod of rigid flesh, and she felt him writhe and heard him groan to her touch.


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