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I already knew that Joyce and Dale had been talking to her, every chance they had, to try to get her to think differently about what she wanted."I don't really have any plans yet, Kenny. Part of me wants to stay here, just like things are now, but the rest of me knows I can't just hang around here doing nothing for the rest of my life." Nobody is trying to push you into doing anything. Well, I guess I should say I'm not trying to push you into anything. I'm sure Dale and Joyce have been trying to get you to do whatever they want." They talk to me about things. Joyce still thinks you'll change your mind about me if I stay here and don't do anything to cause anyone any problems. Dee is worried about what happens if I decide to leave here again. It doesn't seem to me that you want anything to change from how it is now between us. Nothing is changing for us as near as I can tell." Tell me again what you would like to see happen with us." I can't really say what I want. When I tell you. Johnny and I waving goodbye.When it's time for me to leave for work, I run over to Johnny, I put my hands gently under his chin, tilting his face to me and give him a soft, short, but sweet kiss on his lips, letting my lips glide gently across his. I felt the electricity flowing through me from this man immediately, but was able to maintain my composure, barely. Being that this was the first time I showed him this much affection, he looks at me a bit surprised and quizzically. Tilting his head slightly looking like a puppy, Johnny asks, “What was that for honey? Penny for your thoughts”? I think to myself how young he really looks, what a strikingly handsome man he is. “That was for loving my Momma like you do and for extending those feelings towards me. You've been very kind and understanding to me Johnny. I'm sorry I didn't treat you better at first, you've never done anything unkind to me in any way. I gave him a big hug, wow, this man really is muscular, solid. Gotta.
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