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We need to keep all but Kalandan ships from nearing this outpost for the time being.’ ‘But why? Our standing order is to contact other…’ ‘You have your orders, Centorn, carry them out!’ The entire command center crew all started at the heated retort from the base commander, she had never needed to raise her voice to anyone… ever. ‘Yes, Commander!’ Joman programmed the reactors to cycle up to full capacity and called down to the transport technicians to arm the array. ‘Once the vessel is in range, activate the array,’ Losira gave her Ops officer a sideways glance, ‘Send them back along the same course they were traveling, so they won’t be too far from their home,’ her lip curled into a smirk, ‘Satisfied?’ He swallowed hard and nodded as he complied with her orders. All eyes carefully watched Losira leave the command center, Joman’s glare wrinkling his forehead. She’s been acting this way for three season-cycles now, he thought. Something is wrong, and she’s not telling us. ‘Any. Cheeks and nose dotted with freckles on her fair skinned face. Lastly, pink luscious lips, kissed together.The introduction of the conversation seemed to go smoothly. Convincing her, you ask her out for a meal. In hopes you could get to know her in person. Stating clearly that you’re new to the dating app scene. She’ll lie blatantly through her text that she’s relatively new as well and you’ll both trade numbers. Gabbie tells you that she knows a place that you could meet and eat. Followed by a disappointing text that they are closed. Blaming covid she tries to convince you over, offering her place up to hang out with beer in the deal. Though, without actually putting her address in her texts.Going along with the casual text conversation you chat about who can come where. Eventually settling on the plan that she’ll come see you at your place. Out of no where, she sends you a url address to some website mimicking the the exact dating app you met on. Though this time, the other two.


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