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The slightest of shivers passed through the more experienced of the two. She was the first to realize that there had been a departure from the normal Presenting to a new client. The Overlord had stopped in mid-phrase, and then left a significant portion of it out. The complete phrase should have been "owned by myself, Overlord Gronnus D'yoran, but bound to you and to your bidding." It was a gentle reminder that the client did not own the slave but that the slave was nevertheless bound to the client's desires.It was not until there was the sound of Gronnus turning and leaving before seeing if the new client had accepted his contracted slaves that both now realized something was very wrong. Yet neither broke protocol or made their concerns obvious. They remained still, waiting for their first command.The first man looked down at the two girls with a mixture of desire and sympathy. He had been warned that they would be tempting to the senses. He had also been reminded to keep to his. “I couldn’t wear any of those,” she thought to herself. After another trip through the closet and still not finding any of her “regular shoes” to be acceptable, she decided to pull the shoe boxes out of the lingerie bin and give them a shot. The first shoe box she opened contained bright red glitter six-inch platforms – favorites of her husband. Another box contained thigh-high lace-up fuck-me boots – not a good match for her outfit. The third box contained a pair of white patent leather platform heels her husband bought her to go with a bridal dress-up outfit. “Well, they are the right color,” she told herself. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she slipped on the heels and buckled the straps. When she stood to go to the mirror, she almost fell from the height of the heels. She spent a few minutes pacing around the bedroom to get used to the heels and then made her way over to the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes! “Maybe my husband was really right,” she thought to herself while.


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