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The servant scowled more and made as though to push Topain back outside. Just then, a voice stopped him. ‘Andlin, stop it. Can’t you see this man needs out help. Let him in and send a groom to take care of his mount. I will see to the girl,’ a soft, feminine voice said. But in spite of its soft, musical quality, there was a note of command in it. A voice used to being obeyed. Topain looked up, to where a slim, attractive woman stood leaning over a railing. ‘Yes Milady,’ Andlin said, shuffling off to follow the orders. ‘And no more spirits Andlin, or I’ll discharge you!’ the woman called after him. ‘Yes Milady,’ he repeated, his shoulders slumping. When he was gone, Topain turned his attention back to his savior. ‘Kind lady, please, I beg of you, Lana is sick, I don’t know with what. We need help and safety,’ he said, bowing his head in submission. He didn’t care if he was the prince, he’d clean the floors on his hands and knees if this woman wanted him to if she would help Lina. Live) that is the Mind Control University Stories, i'm sure you probably already know what i'm talking about, but in case you don't i'll leave a link for the (as far as i know) original story, so this story is about a school where everyone has some type of mind control ability and the goal is to enslave as many students as you can without being enslaved, so a common situation i went through when reading this stories is that they never went the way i wanted them to, so that's the main reason i decided to do this story and the other reason is that this is a concenpt that fits perfectly to CHYOA, because so many paths and possibilities can be explored.So with that context it's very easy to understand what this story is about, so lets start with the specifics, this is the story of a multiversal school for mind controlers, on this school they will learn to grow their abbilities and will have the chance to test them openly with their classmates (More specific rules and guidelines will be.
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