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. but in spite of all that, this House, these people ... they’re standing with us on the ‘noble’ side of things.”“Most of the time.”“Honey,” he said, kissing her hair, “nobody can be noble all the time.”Margo“Go ahead, ask.”She looked at her wife, the woman who’d brought Margo and Harry together again.“Carol ... it’s not my place...”“It is if I say it is. Ask.”“You’ve killed two people?”“Two men, yeah. Self-defense both times. Never arrested, never even a suspect. Not that I was all that worried about it either time. Pretty sure a halfway decent lawyer could’ve gotten me off either time, and both times I ... or better said my Master, had access to enough money to hire such a lawyer. And both of them would have, if I’d been arrested.”“Did you ... did you tell anyone?”“First time, yeah. I talked about it with my Master and ... it soured something between us. It was like he ... he was afraid of me, and that didn’t work in our relationship. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, praying. Just the cum on the headboard was more than two of Jason's biggest loads, and how to explain the towel? The next morning was the weekend. Lisa laid in bed while Jason fingered her clit and thought about how it would feel to have so much cum pumped in her. She wondered what Garland thought about while he was cumming, that thought trigged an orgasm and she shuttered. Jason climbed on top of her and entered her, it always took a little time since I was thick and she was so tight. The first minute was uncomfortable but quickly turned pleasurable. I was sliding in and out of Lisa's wet pussy and marveling once again at how tight she was. He never could last very long and it seemed as he got older it got worse. I really wanted to see how much fucking she could really take. The thought made me cum suddenly and as I pumped my load in her, I felt, rather than heard the door open. Standing naked in the doorway was Garland. Garland had a chiseled body and his cock was rock hard. His cock, it.


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