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I press until it becomes its own star,outshining Zenith. Finally, I give the energy purpose, andrelease it, to expand into a sphere that slowly encompassesme. The circle is complete. I am protected from all harm. Iam now safe to travel. 3. The Dream PlaceI step out of the vessel. Out of my body. I am now a beingof light. There is the feeling of rapid ascent, and I findmyself in the bright lands. It is a beautiful forest,perpetually caught in a late summer afternoon. This is myplace, my haven... or heaven. It is of my making, and inthis place I am... queen?The word came unbidden. Queen. Not God, King, or Lord.I look at my luminous form in a crystal pool. Perfection. Aperfect fey maiden. Perhaps dryad, perhaps elf. Even in mydream place, I am woman. I move down the path, through thewood, to the flower glade. She awaits there, my spiritguide. She only smiles at my approach. As it always is, shedoes not speak. It is not language we communicate in. It isknowing. I know she has no wisdom. Since the pregnancy does not affect organ harvest the doctor began the process. After the operation her body was stitched back up and transported to a morgue for processing, by now it’s deep into the night.The morgue attendant was looking forward to receiving a organ harvested young woman. His friend, a guard on the transport team told him about how beautiful she was. He knew her body would be whole as organ harvest would mean she was not shot in the head and heart there for ruining her body. After setting her on the morgue table he unwraps the plastic wrap revealing a naked and dead Yuqiiao. Her complexion has become grey and rigor has began to set in. But she was still a beautiful sight to behold, beside the linear scar from her chest to above her crouch area she was still the young and slim woman from the morning. The attendant noticed the cum stains that remain on her thighs, not surprising since organ harvest ignored that region. At least you were well fucked before the end.


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