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But why did this make me lucky? Han on, I will come to that.I splashed my face with cold water to bring me back from the slightly drunken haze, trying to focus, dried my face on one of the white towels and dropped it on the floor as I exited the bathroom and stepped into the dark bedroom, only lit by a few candles by the mirror wall, oh yes, another reason why this was a lucky night, I had gotten a room where one of the walls just was a big mirror with a desk in front of it and on the opposite side of the room where a King size bed.But I stopped in my step and had to take a breath because in the room a girl was standing, looking at herself in the mirror making sure her make-up was perfect. A blond bombshell, hair falling down to her shoulders, a “fluffy” white blouse, with one shoulder bare displaying a purple bra strap, that hinted that beneath it there was a pair of decent sized firm breasts, a skinny waist where a thin belt held a black skirt in place, a short black skirt that. Alone in the VIP suite, I began my transformation in earnest with my prosthetics. Disposable income – and lots of it – had again been my blessing. These next-generation prosthetics were the best yet; latex-skinned and silicone-gel-filled, they were a visual and tactile delight. Better still, the company that manufactured them could, for the proverbial “extra charge”, custom-make them to the customer’s exact specifications. Extra charge, indeed. I could have bought a used car for what I spent, but they were worth it. Mama had demanded input in my purchase, and it showed, both in price and results.Pre-positioning the breasts and making the alignment marks on my skin with a felt-tipped pen was the work of a couple of minutes. It took a bit longer to spray the bases with the super-strong medical-grade adhesive, and about five minutes beyond that to allow the sticky stuff to cure to the proper consistency. Then I carefully pressed each breast form into place, smoothed out the thin flange.


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