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Now die,” the samurai said charging. Luckily for Naruto, the men were not the Samurai that lived in the Land of Iron so the blonde made short work of them.After entering the village he passed a café which was when he heard, “Ah apprentice.”Turning towards the sound he growled seeing the man that he had inadvertently helped escape from the governor’s justice earlier. He was about to launch himself at the man, but he quickly held up his hands saying, “Whoa, look sorry about earlier but I have a strong aversion to dying.” He could tell Naruto was still on the verge of attacking so said, “Look at least let me make it up to you. Let me apologize to you by buying you dinner.”“Fair enough,” Naruto said before sitting down and ordering half the menu. After eating his fill Naruto said, “Thanks, mister…”“Kanji,” the man supplied amused.“Well thanks, I guess you aren’t such a bastard after all,” Naruto said standing.“Hold up a moment,” Kanji said, “There is one other way I would like to. Colleen said she wants to be there, though, which might upset your boating plan."I thought about it for a moment and said, "I guess I'll come in to the office and spend a few hours. When you guys are done, we can pick up Rebecca and Millie and maybe head up to Springfield to celebrate?"What do you think about Avanzare? Are you in the mood for great Italian?"Mr. Bell thought for a second and said, "Call Millie and see if that works for her. I'll do whatever the two of you decide, and I'll let Colleen know we have plans for tonight." Thank you. See you at the office." I hung up and turned around. No sense going home and heading right back.On the way I called Millie, cleared dinner plans with her, and then called Rebecca and gave her an update. I drove to the beginning of the nature trails that hug Table Rock Lake. It was as good a place to try out the new bicycle as anywhere else. The Tour Easy Recumbent Bike is set very close to the ground and has a seat that gave tremendous lower.


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