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Undino main ek mahine ki Pay leave par tha (PL jise hum logo ko saal me ek bar milti hai aur gaon/ya kahin ghumne jane ka kiraya bhi milta hai) Chhuti liye huwe 2 hi din huwe the ki saam ko nazir mere ghar aaya uska chahara udas tha maine puchha yar kya baat hai tum udas dikh rahe ho to wo bola yaar dinu, mere Sasurji ki tabiyat aaj kar kuchh kharab chal rahi hai aur teri bhabhi Gaon jane ki jid kar rahi hi to mai bola isme udas hone ki kya baat hai bhabhi ko apne mayke chhor aana aur apane aaba ammi se mil bhi lena, agar tumhe paiso ki kami hai to bolo mai madad kar dunga tab wo bola yaar yah baat nahin hai, meri main problem yah hai ki mera promotion hone wala hai aur muze kafi kam 2 mahino me pure karne hai isliye muze chhuti nahin mil sakti hai aur agar chhuti leta hun to tankhaha bhi kategi aur promotion bhi nahin hoga mai bolo ghabrao mat aagar tum chahe to mai bhabhi ko chhor aata hun aaj kal mai ek mahine ki chhuti par hun to wo khus hote huwe bola, dinu tumne meri problem. “I guess you can’t shoot someone without bullets, can you?” “Exactly!” “So what did you do with the money?” “I gave the money from whatever bank I stole from to a family that was being screwed over by that bank, keeping only enough – usually 10% -- for expenses.” “How did you identify recipients of your largess?” “I won’t go into that.” “I’m sure that the Family Mortgage Assistance people were helping you, using a ruse with them is how I set you up.” Now it was Kate’s turn to blush, and get flustered. “That’s not true. You can’t tell anyone that. You’ll get good – no not good, saintly – people in trouble.” “Settle down. I’m just after the reward, I have no interest whatsoever in getting anyone else in trouble, and I don’t reveal my methods to anyone so you’re the only person who will ever know I caught you through them.” “Thanks,” Kate genuinely replied. “Look, there are some things I need to do including getting the motorcycle back to the person I borrowed it from. Can’t.
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