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When we arrived the situation was grim. The 14th was surrounded on all sides. The gunships rained hell. This gave the 14th some cover, but would be enough. Our pilot hovered over a good spot for us to jump out. Just as we jumped the Vietcong began lighting up the hueys with heavy machine gun fire and the bird was downed.The carnage was unbelievable. The stench of blood, sweat, and spent gunpowder filled the air. I tried to get my footing but a sharp pain coursed through my left leg. Stumbling to the ground l took a last breath and fell.When I opened my eyes, I was in a hut. Immediately I grabbed for my side arm, but the pain was unlike anything I'd ever felt. My arm bandage was spotted with crimson blood. Trying to wrap my brain around what had happen and what state I was in, and passed out again. I came to with what I thought to be an angel over me. Hair as black as the night sky, and beautiful full breasts which pressed tight the dress she was wearing as she leaned over me. I. " She began to climb up, motioning for me to follow. As she climbed, I got clear views of Janice's white panties beneath her short skirt! This was wildly exciting to me as you might imagine! This sequence of "Stairs" continued to lead us up further and further until I saw a platform up there a ways. Someone had constructed a makeshift treehouse up there in the middle of this big old tree!I was more focused on looking at Janice's panties than I was on being careful climbing up the tree but soon we were able to make it onto this fairly sturdy platform which had a flimsy but better than nothing railing around it. We were, maybe, forty feet up in this tree. We also had great view of the valley and the hills beyond. We chatted for just a few moments but both of us knew why we were up here and it wasn't to star gaze! I gathered Janice into my arms and again we kissed like the young lovers that we were as we inhaled the erotic scent of the eucalyptus tree. Our tongues intertwined.


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