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. Mizz Patel?”“We at Auburn would like to keep them in at least one of our degree programs, either engineering or mathematics. We are prepared to work out a schedule by which they can meet our engineering requirements by distance learning, wherein they meet an instructor, bring the books home, and return to campus for oral and written examinations as the instructor may warrant to establish comprehension.”“Is that what you did, Cindy?” Doctor Seavers posed.“Modified somewhat. We were living in town there. I sometimes visited an instructor in the middle of working through a class, sometimes not. I was interviewed by instructors, by the overseeing staff of the School of Engineering, and on one occasion, the chancellor himself sat in on an interview. They made very sure that I was NOT taking shortcuts. Mizz Aneeta is prepared to do the same for Deena and Haley.”“I would like to talk with one or two of your professors, if you do not mind, Cindy. Mizz Patel.”“I can give a list,” I. “You question my motives and then you have the nerve to blatantly say no against a command? Your stubbornness will leave you with a constant red ass,” he barked. SMACK SMACK OMG it hurt! It hurt, my ass was still sore from earlier today. But I wouldn’t plead for him to stop, I knew I deserved it. But it doesn’t mean the pain is any less. The smacks were coming down quicker but lessening in pressure; the sore state of my ass however was signaling full impact every time though. Whimpering, trying to hold back my tears, he stopped. It seemed earlier than the other spanking I have received. Pulling me into a soft embrace, his arms slowly rotated me in his lap. I rested there, my eyes clearly leaking my traitorous tears. My breathing was ragged, as I looked into his loving face. All the anger was gone, his lust had taken a back seat, and only his love remained. His lips found mine and pulled me into a hot passionate kiss. We sat like this for an eternity, enjoying each other’s.


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