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Now she was about to turn the tables on them. She felt absolutely no pity for her fellows beings killing, enslaving, and rendering all human resistance powerless. She wanted to make the ultimate leader last of all. Then she had something special in mind for him.Olivia held a brief meeting after dinner that evening. Everyone felt shocked at what she described. The downing of the spaceship, the loss of a power base for the Elites, and seeking out Korothians to eliminate."I will start with the small fry first. Junior, did you get the info I sent you from the ship?" she looked over to her son."I was wondering what took up most of my hard drive," he complained. "I was going to try and delete because it's in some strange language that I can't make out." Don't erase it," Olivia told him. "I'll need a frame of reference. I haven't looked at it so I can use it to gather information about the names and places of these men and women who are from the ship." I won't touch it then," Junior. ”She let go of my arm, and began to rub at her clitoris. Almost immediately I felt her start to shake and I began to fuck her gently with my hand as her fingers moved faster and faster against her little bud. She just kept repeating the words “Oh god oh god oh god”, her tits wobbling more and more as she began to come. It didn’t take long: she must have been really aroused. Her legs shook, then stiffened as she cried out, her orgasm overwhelming her. She was rocking backwards and forwards against me, and I thought at first she was never going to stop coming. It was as if she was on an upward spiral of exhilarating orgasmic release that wouldn’t stop until she exploded. Wet though she already was, I could feel yet more juices welling up inside her. I pulled my hand back, feeling the pressure of her labia round my wrist as the widest point of my hand began to emerge, then pushed back again with a loud squishing noise.I looked at Abi: her eyes were shut, and a dribble of blood was.


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