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She was pouty and cute, really very pretty, and definitely looked sixteen. She had dark, sensual brown eyes with very visible eyelashes, curly brown hair, and a small but puffy, sexy red mouth on an immaculate, girlish face. She was trim, about five-foot-three, long legged, with firm, young breasts straining against the white blouse. Her eyes had a nice glitter, even from six rows back, but there seemed to be something hard in them, tough maybe, or just bored.I leaned to Martha and whispered, "Martha... she's... she's just too cute. She'd never go for me."Martha frowned at me. "Well, Anita's cute, isn't she?" Oh, Anita's beautiful. But Jessica's different, she's --" If Anita liked you, Jessica certainly will." But she's --" Hon, stop worrying about looks. I didn't introduce you for your looks. You happen to look good, but I'm introducing you to people who--" She stopped and settled into her seat, sighing and shaking her head. "Oh, you're incurable."Howard gave the word for the. Reported.Breathing a sigh of relief the man went back to fixing what he could. He really needed to go out to repair a great deal of the damage. Shaking his head he knew that wasn’t about to happen.It was almost twenty one and a half minutes later, when he brought the capsule aboard. Several alarms were going off as he tried in vain, to open it. “Have you got anything yet?” The man was yelling trying to get above the alarms.“Working, the first set of locks are open. Second set starting to release. Warning, Warning! Breathable atmosphere within the capsule reaching toxic levels! Asphyxiation is imminent.” The A.I. droned on.“I know!” The man was shouting. “Get it open NOW!”A moment later, there was a loud pneumatic hiss as the lid started to slide back. Grabbing the lid, the man was trying to force the lid open faster. Looking inside, the man’s mouth dropped open as the female inside, was gasping for breath, a look of terror on her face. Almost frozen, the man reached over hitting.
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