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" I smiled and bowed fromthe waist; Mike laughed and left. I went to thekitchen and began to assemble a fish chowder. In thelast year I had become quite adept at cooking andcleaning. After the chowder was on the stove, I madethe bed up fresh and clean. I waited for Mike'sreturn. After almost an hour and a half, I had justabout given up and felt that he was a no-show. I thenhead his footsteps softly tread across the deck andthe slider opened. He was a bit breathless, With alook of guilt, he mumbled, "I'm sorry, it took melonger to pack than I thought it would." I lookedagain and there was this beautiful young man with alarge back-pack that looked as though it was full ofbooks, a computer carrier and a Macy's shopping bagfull of clothes standing in my kitchen. "Where do Iput this?" he asked. It dawned on me that he thoughtmy invitation was for him to move in. Good God, Ithought, What have I started.I told him to take whatever space he needed for hisbooks and computer up. "err... well actually I did, but I was only thinking aloud and didn't even notice you were there to be honest".Not the greatest of retorts, Jane thought but it could have been worse."Oh, right" the man said and seemed to hesitate for a moment before adding with a nervous smirk, "... anything I can do to help?".Jane was even further shocked at this. Did he just proposition her? She didn't even know his name. The man had obviously just noticed the shock on her face because his smirk faded to an expression of concern."Oh god, I'm so sorry, that was totally out of order." he blurted his face flushing to a crimson."I didn't mean... well I shouldn't have... oh god you must think I am some sort of weirdo or something... shit sorry" the man babbled as he stepped aside and hurried past her.Jane turned as he swept passed her and did some very quick thinking. Surely she couldn't press a liaison with this stranger... could she? it was wrong and he could be an axe murderer or something. On the.


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