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” Urgency crept out from under Sanjana’s voice. Bhagyashri was caught slightly off guard, but kept the conversation up beat.”Okay, i’ll see you after work. Be ready to get fat, babe!” she said as both shared a much needed laugh.”Okay. Bye.” said Sanjana as she hung up. Leaning her forehead against the wall, she felt as if she was floating in mid-air.The last few hours of work seemed to drag along at a snail’s pace, but when she clocked out, she knew that it was all over, at least for a few days. Stopping by the Spencer’s store, Sanjana picked out bucket of Cookies and Cream because she knew that was Bhagyashri’s favorite. After her purchase, Sanjana made her way to the pick up a DVD to get their movie a clear X rated all women. What would Bhagyashri of this movie she was confused as she approached home. “Hey!” said Bhagyashri saw Sanjana walk inside.”You didn’t start the party without me, did you?” asked Sanjana with a wry smile on her face. She took a brief moment to let the image of. ." I weakly said just as I looked down and saw sleek bare thighs and knees like if I was ten years old, not my taut firm jeans."Oh shit--!!" I blurted with dawning horror just realizing my voice. "Oh no..." I pushed off the wall--and fell from an unanticipated empty two feet that was under my shoes."Hey, you alright??" Jack asked as I groped to my feet while thick silky chestnut tendrils rushed and beat my cheeks. Pigtails?? "Oh no!..." I scurried before a storefront windowpane and saw-- A green-eyed eight-year-old girl in a pink denim skirt and pastel lilac blouse with a bunny on front and pink socks and sneakers. "Oh Jeeze, no!!" I staggered, feeling whoozy. The world felt hazy...different... simpler...more alien...like I was... slipping back inside my memories... behind another mind..."Hey!" Jack shouted, concerned now. "You alright?"The little girl spun and blinked up at the surly teen jock. "Oh Jack! Thank God! It's me, Jack!!" Yea? Who me?" It's--It's--" Her thought name was.


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