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.. they don’t know that Selina isn’t your wife – yet,” she said with a chuckle. When he continued to frown, she let out a sigh, “Okay, introduce her as your navigator or astrogator – whatever. You know she’s going to be your wife by the time her periods begin.”“When she’s sixteen. Not a day before,” he corrected, emphasizing the words.“When she’s sixteen,” Diana repeated. “Hmmm. I don’t seem to remember,” she teased. “Would you please remind me how old I was when you enticed me into that back seat with you? Tell me again so maybe I’ll remember this time...”“Di, that was ... different.”“Oh, it was? Did boys and girls do it differently back then? Seems as though I remember you shoving that thing,” she said as she gently cupped his groin, “into my pussy. And it hurt. But what was my age again?” Diana’s voice had changed ever so slightly, but the change was blatantly obvious to her husband as the faint beginnings of unease crept up his spine.“Okay. Okay. You were fourteen as you darn well. . I’ve lost count of how many lads I’ve shagged ... It’s, like, over a hundred though ... I can’t help myself...”We cut to her taking her t-shirt off, exposing round, fairly firm boobs to the cold air. Nipples hard and surprisingly long - looking like they’ve been bitten and twisted non-stop since she was 13...She looks right into camera and continues her introductions. “Dogs really turn me on ... I think it’s because they aren’t supposed to. The more people I hear calling the girls on UK of Zoo sluts, the more I want to be on it ... And if I’m going to be on it, I want to be the biggest slut on the show...” Oh yes, this one is all class!“Everyone says I give a great blow-job ... I probably prefer sucking cock to ‘avin’ sex, at’chlaay ... That’s why I wrote to the show asking if I could be the first ever girl to have a blow-bang on the show!” Any sweetness that remained in her youthful face disappears as she smiles – all we can think of is the amount of cock she’s sucked in the last.
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