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She was watching Petra and lightly stroking her hair. ?I never had a daughter,? she said, ?I always wanted one.? Petra felt wonderful that Barb would even think of her as a daughter. ?Anyone would be so lucky to have you,? Petra sighed. Barb?s head dipped toward Petra and they kissed a deep kiss. Petra moved her hand up to caress Barb?s face but she collided with her breast. As if on it?s own her hand cupped the flesh and molded it, pressing it against her chest, then teasing the nipple with her palm. Barb sighed a long, low exhale. She put her hand on top of Petra?s and pressed it hard into her breast, kneading the flesh and grinding the nipple. Petra moved her lips to the other nipple and kissed it. Another deep exhalation. Her tongue toyed with the nip an then she sucked it into her mouth. ?Yessssssssssssssssss,? was all Barb could hiss and her hips began to moved in circles. Petra moved from her breasts to her hip, kissing her way over Barb?s ribs to the hip bone as her hand. .." Lois was saying."Lois this seriously isn't the time for this. Tiffany, can you please come out from under there? I would like to talk to you," asked my mom."No. I can't. You'll be mad." Tiffany called from her not so secret hiding place."I won't be mad. I promise," replied mom.It took a few minutes to convince Tiffany to come out. She wanted to keep the covers with her to cover up with, but they stuck to the bed. Maybe I shouldn't tuck them under the mattress like that. However, when Tiffany stood up, naked Lois almost shouted something but mom was quick enough to cover her mouth."Just as I thought. Looks like your what 10 or 11 weeks along. Am I correct," asked mom.Shyly Tiffany looked at her feet and said, "12 weeks." She was silent now."Is Willard the father," asked mom."Who," replied Tiffany?"My brother silly, the boy you were hot and heavy with a moment ago. Mom doesn't call him by his first name. I think it's because she was caught wi..." answered Lois.Mom once again covered.


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